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                         Rid your space of all internet vermin, get a Subpico CAT! 



Are you tired of waiting weeks or even months for   scheduled use of a supercomputer?
 Now  you  can  quickly  log  in  and  run  your  programme,  and  access  your  results  easily.




Faster Processing:  Fastest real-time system available. 

Data paths are optimized for nanosecond computing services.

100% Secure:  Our TFE Subpico computing services offer unique cyber security safety features to provide peace of mind in your investment.

Cost Effective:  A smaller size but with greater processing power. We occupy less space and require less materials and  service. 

Reliable: All TFE HPC Subpico equipment have undergone 
rigorous testing. With over twenty years of research and
development, our technology has been proven field reliable.

Power Efficient: Greater processing with less nodes results in a greener footprint and huge savings in power and maintenance, helping the environment and providing a better future for generations to come.


Technology and Support

Consultation – 

GPU Support – 

AMX/MPI Support –

SLA Five nine 99.999% Uptime - 

Status updates – 

Up-to-date monitoring – 

 Our qualified Computer Scientists and Engineers are available to assist you at various stages of your project.

 We offer GPU based chassis’s for those wanting NVidia Cuda FPGA support Enquire for Pricing.

 Our Globally Patented Subpico SMP MPP transport AMX-CNC is used by default internally in all MPP and communications. We also provide support for legacy applications written for MPI over Ethernet and Infiniband. Technologies supported; openmpi-1.10.2 and mpich2/mvapich2-3.2, OpenMP, Pthreads, POSIX.

 We provide a 99.999% uptime SLA around network, power and compute availability. If we fail to deliver, we’ll credit you based on the amount of time that service was unavailable.

 We provide a messaging service to keep you informed on how your jobs state.

 Because technology is moving so fast, we are proactively keeping abreast of the new developments and deploying where applicable.