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                         Rid your space of all internet vermin, get a Subpico CAT! 

CAT Internet Security


Internet Safe
Cyber Attack Terminator


 C A T

          Get a CAT and watch it catch all internet pests on your home or business network      

          Malware    *     Bot-Nets    *    Viruses    *     Ransomware    *     Scans     *     DDoS     *    Spam     *     Email     *

       CAT removes threats and potentially harmful traffic in realtime. -  Simple to install, no IT skills or configurations required, just plug in. -
       Network transparent, just forwarding good traffic and dropping bad. -  Provides a secure web GUI to view the cleaning process in realtime.
        Unlike a Firewall that only works up to layer 4, CAT removes vermin applications and service traffic TO and FROM your network, where devices
        may already be compromised. -  Our TFE CAT provides security and improves the quality of your streaming and realtime applications by 
        removing the pest traffic using up your precious bandwidth and host resources.

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