Telecoms Forensics Equipment Ltd

                         Rid your space of all internet vermin, get a Subpico CAT! 

Founded by Brian Parsons, Telecoms Forensics Equipment Ltd has been operating in New Zealand since 2005, providing solutions to the Telecommunications Industry and Government, and have worked with various International Law Enforcement Agencies. 

We are a privately owned, operated and funded communications R&D company.

Brian Parsons holds a Bachelors Degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from Auckland University, New Zealand and worked as a senior engineer in the areas of core network and infrastructure, Sim/USIM Security, RAN, SS7 IN, Packet Radio, TCP/IP networking.
AWARDS: Hutchison Telecoms Excellence Award, RAN Security, Identity Management
Brian has been granted multiple international patents (including US, UK, AU) in high speed digital traffic generation and call monitoring. 

COMPANY EXPERTISE: Security, Realtime Systems HW, SW. Electronics RTL, Embedded and incl. Cellular & Fixed Carrier Access/Core Technologies (3GPP ETSI/3GPP2 protocols and procedures) + MPP Supercomputing transport, distributed memory interconnect design and architecture + Xilinx® FPGA ISE® Design Suite (RTL design methodologies, synthesis, PAR), Embedded PLB- and AXI-based designs for Virtex®/Spartan®, Altera® Stratix®, Quartus® ASICs + OS: UNIX, BSD, kernel module development 32/64-bit platforms. Verilog and VHDL design HDL entry, JTAG auto sweep. SDLC Synthesis, Implementation and Device programming, HDL debug, Synthesis, Low Level optimization and tuning: macro implementations, timing optimizations + Digital baseband/pass-band scopes, FFT, DSP design analysers, Fn , RLCG, VOM instrumentation + Circuit/electronic w/bench and PCB tools, Cadence, DesignSpark PCB + Multimedia Transmission Line Test jig construction, pass-to-baseband breakout board design, test point implementation, circuit analysis.


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